Forbes continues shining the light on our work.


Edgar Co. (ECWd) –

Freelance Reporter Amanda Robert for Legal Newsline published her article on Forbes that shines the light on our work.  We appreciate her reporting on our work and hope that more people come to understand the importance of getting involved and holding local government accountable, to include exposing wrongdoing of local businesses doing work with those government agencies.

“One organization, the Edgar County Watchdogs, points to state officials and government entities that it says have failed to be truthful or transparent, but also to the media, which, the group believes, has failed to hold wrongdoers accountable.”

The full article can be viewed at this link.

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  1. These guys are true American Patriots. They deserve the highest recognition for their hard work and dedication to our country. President Donald Trump should call these guys to the White House and give them both a medal for uncovering corruption in public office. God Bless these fine Americans.


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