Jasper County Schools Attorney was disrespectful, disruptive –



During at least the last two Jasper County School Board meetings, their attorney, Anthony Loizzi, from Hodges Loizzi Eisenhammer Rodick & Kohn LLP, displayed a disrespectful, interruptive, and disruptive attitude towards School Board member Earnest and in some cases, towards citizens attending the meeting.

There is apparently a collusive effort to shut down board member Earnest at every turn, with interruptions, snide comments towards him, and the general attitude displayed by this attorney and the school superintendent.

At the beginning of this video, you can clearly see Attorney Loizzi shake his head “no” in an attempt at convincing the board chairman to disallow Earnest from commenting during the public comment period. This attitude continued with Loizzi interrupting him, and even at one point summoning a Police Officer into the room as a clear intimidation tactic against citizens.

What this attorney needs to understand, is that he does not run the meeting, he does not get to say when public comment is over, and he does not get to direct any police officer to do anything. We also suggest that the Newton Police and Jasper County Sheriff’s Departments review their policy on public meetings of public bodies to ensure that their officers only act on the motion of the board chairman – which is the only person who can state a claim of disruptions. He runs the meeting as law¬†outlines. Period.

Below is merely an example of this attorney’s interruptions and attitude:

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  1. Sounds like he was trying to make people angry so they would do something he could discredit them with. It just amazes me how many board attorneys the dogs have come across that don’t seem to have a clue about the open meetings act

  2. They may have a clue about the open Meetings Act, but they just don’t like it and want to do what they want. I agree that the attorney was probably trying to make a confindation so he could discredit the speaker.


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