Meet “Susan” the “Anonymous” Letter Writer from Watson, IL. –



Our final Sunshine Week article is all about shining the light on another “anonymous” letter writer who has obviously fallen off her rocker.

We know who she is and will deal with this thru the appropriate channels.

Several years ago there was a person that contacted us with “tips” on a specific event in Effingham County that we could never verify. We did not write about it since we could not verify it.

This person apparently became offended that we ignored her information and set out to send “anonymous” letters to people we have run across in our local government accountability work.

We have never read such outrageously false, paranoid, whack-job comments and comical conspiracy theories.

Here are a few things in her crazy mind…just for you to laugh at:

  • the Masons are behind it
  • we started in 2007
  • we work “from the Ohio river to the Wisconsin border”
  • we have hackers working for us, oh, and an IT guy
  • she worked with an attorney from Chicago
  • we use proxy servers and evasive tricks
  • we hacked an attorney’s office computers
  • we dumped somebody in a 3-day blizzard in Shawnee National Forest
  • we delete articles from our website
  • somebody was probably murdered
  • Eastern Star, disgusting rednecks
  • we are amazing hackers and go to hacker conventions in Las Vegas
  • we use “StingRays” and other tech tools
  • we drink and compare notes with the FBI and other government agencies
  • we plant cookie trackers
  • we take over people’s smartphones with Stingrays
  • we sue everybody for $12 million dollars
  • we formed a HUGE “Shadow Government” and it is enormously successful
  • her uncle was a Mason and was sent to the USSR to help them
  • she met with John Wayne Gacy
  • she has an AR15 by her kitchen door
  • we planted a keystroke thingy on her computer

Thanks for the laughs Susan (“SCF”).


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