Vermilion County Board Chair Mike Marron “called out” by local Danville Resident



Mike Marron “called out” by local Danville Resident.

Mik Marron
Mike Marron pic from campaign flyer

Mr. Mike McClain wrote to the News Gazette about his perspective on Vermilion County Board Chairman, Mike Marron.  This was published in the August 25th, 2017 paper.

“I was appalled upon reading the July 19 News-Gazette and Commercial-News articles announcing Mike Marron’s candidacy for Illinois’ 104th District. His top priority was “to right the (Illinois) fiscal ship.”

Let’s look at his record since his tenure as Vermilion County Board chairman.

Marron headed the county board basically since January 2015. Property taxes are a year behind so one must look at 2016 and 2017 property taxes to verify his asserted fiscal ability. Property taxes are increased either by raising the assessed value of the house or by increasing a taxing body’s rate.

During his leadership, both methods have been used to increase the county coffers. Several of my friends’ taxes have increased over 10 percent, despite making no improvements during that time.

Attending Marron’s board meetings, I have seen wasteful expenditures of tax money, seen him and his family reap huge financial benefits through controversial expansion of windmills, seen the abuse of power in political hirings and firings, and have seen arbitrary and dictatorial changes in employee policy and how the public can communicate with the board.

Such has resulted in lawsuits against the board and Marron individually. His actions as board chairman are based on self-aggrandizement and promotion of his own power. He has and would continue to work well with other politicians whose first concern is taking care of themselves rather than the people they represent, and who have made Illinois such a financial and political disaster.

Is this really the kind of candidate we want as our district representative?


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  1. While this all sounds good its not the truth. My tax value never increased and the overall tax rate increased by .09% which is well below the standard. Nice try though.


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